Sri Vishnu Datta Mishra (Shastriji)

Shastriji, born in 1908, he resided in Rajgarh, a small town in the Alwar District of Rajasthan, in India.

He was a scholar of the Vedas (the earliest Scriptures), a man whom Babaji called "the purest man on earth", and Babaji himself said that he inspires Shastriji to speak for. Shri Shastriji said of himself that he "followed Babaji like a shadow," accompanying Him on his many journeys through India in his function as chief priest, celebrating the ancient Vedic ritual of the Yagna, fire ceremony, in hundreds of places.

He was a prolific writer, Sanskrit scholar of repute and one of Mahendra Baba's closest disciples, who had already prophesied Babaji's incarnation as the Lord of Lords and world-teacher, two decades earlier.

During his discipleship with Mahendra Maba, Shastriji had received a profound preparation to recognize and serve the Lord in his thirteen-year sojourn on earth.

In fact, he had written most of his works in mantric verse on Haidakahan Baba many years before His physical appearance in 1970.
When being asked, Shastriji emphasizes that whatever he has written was

by the grace of my master and by the direct inspiration of the Lord himself... I am merely a writing instrument.

Whenever Babaji gave His short, informal talks at His ashram in Haidakhan, at the Himalayan foothills, Shastriji would be asked by Him to repeat His every word, before they were translated into English, Shastriji was, and still is, the mouth-piece of Him, whose coming he had helped to prepare with his writings; and when He had come, Shastriji was the one who put across through the spoken word to the many thousands who came, the timeless wisdom of the Sanatan Dharma.

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Introduction to the "Haidakhandi Sapta Sati (700 Verses to the Divine Mother of Haidakan

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