Havan / Yagna

Fire ceremony in Haidakhan (Havan)

December 21, 1983:

At the holy fire place near the cave on the Gufa side, during a pre-Christmas fire ceremony: When nearly all had been taken by the fire and the ritual had begun, a foreigner came too late to look for a place.

Babaji asked him, "Have you washed your hands? ... Wash them and come back." (The recitation of the mantras was interrupted, while the deciple washed his hands and sat down-

Then Babaji looked one by one and said, "I would like to explain to you the meaning of the fire ceremony (Yagna, Havan)" and then called: "Roiyo - Om Shanti" (deciple of Babaji) to translate:

Havan - the fire ceremony

“It is Havan that brings rain and fertility. The beginning of creation was born out of fire (Havan). Havan is the true form of the gods: whatever we sacrifice to the divine will be received directly from the deities whom we call. By the Havan ceremony, people are given happiness and all the pleasures of life. They will have good thoughts for each other and love each other. The smoke of the sacrificial fire (Havan) destroys the harmful bacteria in the atmosphere, while the useful ones are flourishing in it. Thus prosperity and wealth in the world grow.  

Before you start a work, you should first be aware of their meaning. Perhaps you ask why these people are doing a fire ceremony, and throwing food into it, and so to "waste" it.

I tell you, however, that this fire is of great importance: the creation came out of it.”



The Yagna, the fire ceremony, has no great religious, but rather a scientific and physical significance. The purpose is to create life. The Yagna has the power and is mighty to clean the environment of the consequences of industrial pollution. There are many types of Yagnas. That which Babaji taught us is for peace in this world. Therefore, we keep as many Yagnas as possible to achieve our goal.

                                                                                                       (Shri Munirajji)                                                                                              

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