Ashram Life

The German Bhole Baba Ashram is located in the western part of Germany and around 44km fare away from Cologne (Köln) in the Windecker Ländchen, an area of 108qkm with little hills, little rivers and small villages.

Closed to Rieferath is the Ohmbachtal, a very nice to visit and another place with old 8 cornered basalt stones ...

The Ashram has an old part with two guest-houses and the kitchen. This is the place where all started and the Ashram expanded and at another part of the village are a very big Kirtan hall and a Dhuni building and huge land around.

Land enough for much gras and a garden and flowers and down bordered with a small river, where the Havan Khund is located surrounded from green, green, green

Der Bhole Baba Ashram was founded 35 years ago based on the teachings of the legendary Sri Haidakhan Baba, Babaji

His message is not complicated and first He told us to repeat permanentely Om Namah Shivay and do Karma Yoga, which is selfless work.

This is not s special religion here, it is the Sanatan Dharma
and because of India focussed on the vedic scriputures and science and there are rituals which serve the metaphysic level of being.

Der Bhole Baba Ashram is following the same daily style like in Haidakhan, the main Ashram and like all the other Ashrams of Babaji in the world.

This style is a simpel style to come down from the igh leveled civilization in the west and to contact again the basics elemnts of life.

The stay in Bhole Baba Ashram is the best you can do to recharge your batteries. The stay is 30€ per day only and icludes three vegetarian meals.

If you have no regularly job or something like this mail to the ashram


Om Namah Shivaya

Ashram routine

  • 7:00 Aarti
  • wednesday, saturday, sunday Havan start 6:00
  • 8:30 breakfast
  • 9:30 up to lunch
  • 12:30 Karma Yoga 
  • rest up to 16:00 
  • 16:00 up to 18:00 Karma Yoga 
  • 19:00 Aarti
  • 22:00 sleep well

Deutsche Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

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D-51570 Windeck-Rieferath

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Der Bhole Baba Ashram

Vor mehr als 40 Jahren ins Leben gerufen, basiert der Bhole Baba Ashram auf den Lehren einer indischen Inkarnation des berühmten Haidakhan Baba, Babaji, der im Norden Indiens in einer Höhle erschienen ist. Er ist eingegliedert in einen gemeinn. Verein, der Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

Der Bhole Baba Ashram


Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

Bhole Baba Ashram
Kalkstück 11
51570 Windeck-Rieferath

Tel.: +49 (0)2243 6603