Teachings of Babaji

Even before his reappearance in 1970, Shri BABAJI taught Mahendra Baba that all who believe in God should live a life in TRUTHSIMPLE AND LOVE. He said that this is the basic of all religions, “to follow the path of TRUTHSIMPLICITY AND LOVE is the first duty and the highest yoga for human beings.” Service to humanity is the most important thing in life.

Such a KARMA-YOGA, the selfless work devoted to GOD and, is the best, easiest, and fastest way to GOD in this chaotic and confusing time. “Through karma-yoga you reach everything,” Babaji said. His whole life was a perfect example of this, because He said about his human body, “These body is nothing, it is only there to serve the people.”

In order to concentrate on GOD with all our actions, BABAJI taught the repetition of the ancient mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY. It is a Sanskrit prayer that says as much as “I give myself – I bow down – I seek shelter in – GOD”. This mantra is taught by both Indian and Western masters alike.

His everlasting repetition directs the whole human being to GOD, opens our hearts, and raise our minds to the memory of our oneness with Him.

Sanatan Dharma: The eternal Law

Everything what we receive and experience in life has its roots and its meaning from other experiences and acts. That doesn’t mean that we get punished for actions or thoughts – no, god is still giving only love – but it means that there is always a sense behind the situation where we find ourselves into. More Info


Babaji himself told many times, that Munirajji is a great Yogi and has to be treated as a Guru. He will have his main importance when Babaji himself will have left his body. So it happened as Babaji had told – as usual…. Trilok Singh, Munirajji, Shri Maha Munirajji became the embodied Guru to so many atmi (souls), who are in search of truth, inner peace and healing. More Info


Shastriji, was a scholar of the Vedas (the earliest Scriptures), a man whom Babaji called “the purest man on earth”, and Babaji himself said that he inspires Shastriji to speak for. Shri Shastriji said of himself that he “followed Babaji like a shadow,” accompanying Him on his many journeys through India in his function as chief priest, celebrating the ancient Vedic ritual of the Yagna, fire ceremony, in hundreds of places. More Info


The tradition to worship the female and the male aspect of god and nature, was build up in every culture. By still being a mystery and an unlimited source of mercy and secrets, these two aspects nourish and complete each other to an united divine energy. More Info

Der Bhole Baba Ashram

Vor mehr als 40 Jahren ins Leben gerufen, basiert der Bhole Baba Ashram auf den Lehren einer indischen Inkarnation des berühmten Haidakhan Baba, Babaji, der im Norden Indiens in einer Höhle erschienen ist. Er ist eingegliedert in einen gemeinn. Verein, der Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

Der Bhole Baba Ashram

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