Sanatan Dharma: The eternal Law

Sanatan Dharma

"The eternal immoveable law the cosmic order which nourish the entire universe."
by a kindly permission from Maria Gabriele Wosien: extractions of the book „messages from the himalaya

Sanatan Dharma you will receive the fruits, which you have seeded before. 

Sanatan: eternity
Dharma: duty, responsibility,  (sustain, holding together)

Means .. everything what we receive and experience in life has its roots and its meaning from other experiences and acts. That doesn’t mean that we get punished for actions or thoughts - no, god is still giving only love - but it means that there is always a sense behind the situation where we find ourselves into. God bestows circumstances and we, as humans, tend to judge it - to judge us. 

God, the universe, Jesus, Babaji is only giving what we are ready to receive. God is giving his love through experiences, its just the matter to be willing to see it.

Munirajji underlined several times, that all the turmoils in the world have its origin in the humans behavior „against nature“. Instead of acting „for“ nature people often tend to listen to the ego which tells us what we think is good. 

But does we really know what should happen? Do we really see our higher significance? 

Sanatan Dharma shows the unity of god in the world. There is no separation of religions, everything is connected and has its higher meaning. 

God is everywhere, is everything, and is able to do everything!

We get what we give.
There are no coincidences, it will be incident when it is due.

Der Bhole Baba Ashram

Vor mehr als 40 Jahren ins Leben gerufen, basiert der Bhole Baba Ashram auf den Lehren einer indischen Inkarnation des berühmten Haidakhan Baba, Babaji, der im Norden Indiens in einer Höhle erschienen ist. Er ist eingegliedert in einen gemeinn. Verein, der Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

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