Chakras in the village of Rieferath

Chakras in the village of Rieferath

In the summer of 2011, Peter Dawkins visited the Bhole Baba Ashram. The theme was the village's chakra system. Here is an excerpt from the minutes of the seminar: "... On Saturday, the group, under the care of Peter, began with special exercises of perceiving  the chakras in the village of Rieferath and in the Kirtanhall. The task was to feel exactly where the center of a chakra is placed and where the transitions are.

The root chakra is located directly below the bridge at the village entrance. In the second chakra was found in the Kutir- and the Ashramhouse. It is followed by the solar plexus, the heart-chakra and the neck-chakra. The 3. Eye is located in the Kirtanhall and behind the Wintergarden lies the drown-chakra, which is fed by the so-called Power Hill. All buildings for the different activities in the Ashram are placed in the best possible way. It is not surprising – HE arranges everything in the Maya.

In preparation for the Sunday, which focused on the knowledge and experience of the Alta Major Chakra, Peter explained a sketch another energy system in the body consisting of 3 levels: The upper part in the form of a recumbent crescent, fed by the Alta Major Chakra in the neck - where the Medula Oblongata is located, whose energy flows down into the circle - a sun - with the center of the heart. This energy circle stands on the cross of the elements with the center of Hara. On Sunday, we spent the whole day getting in touch with the experience and importance of the Alta Major Chakras. This chakra is also called the higher main chakra - the mouth of God or Pan Chakra. With the help of this chakra we breathe directly the Holy Spirit or the breath of God. The secret of the Yogic Breath is to let the spiritual breath (bretáth of God) flow directly into the body, into the heart and then to exhale the physical breath as the echo of the spiritual breath of God. We all strive to be a good echo of God. Echo is also a symbolic word for the soul. We then discovered together where the center of the Alta Major Chakra is located. In the village there are 2 chakra-axes, which are united in the Kirtanhall - one is the axis through the village and one which points from the Kirtanhall straight to the east. The center of the Alta Major chakra, the "local axis", is located in the front garden of the Kirtanhall, directly in front of the main entrance. The center of the Alta Major Chakras of the east axis is located in the Dhunihouse!

Peter said there is something very special in the Ashram Rieferath, because in the Kirtan Hall the 3rd eye is effective and as well as the energy of the Alta Major Chakras. The third eye honors the form of God, as we do in Rieferath, for the Murtis embody God in form. The Alta Major Chakra, on the other hand, directly moves the formless energy of God. The Alta Major Chakra is the central chakra power of the German Ashram - it has already extended to the heart chakra - it is possible and certainly the task that the energy extends over all 7 chakras to the root chakra ... "

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