Sri Maha Muniraj

Having a dream of Babaji in 1969, Munrajji, born as Trilok Singh, went to follow his teacher Shri  Bhole Baba with full discipline and devotion. ).

As Babaji and Shastriji pointed out his significance as the incarnation of Shri Dattatreya, the god who manifested in the world in times of „“kaliyug" - when humanity had gone - to establish “Satya" (the universal truth), “Rta" (the cosmic Order) and “Dhrama" (the perennial principles)  - for more information please click here

So Babaji himself told many times, that Munirajji is a great Yogi and has to be treated as a Guru. He will have his main importance when Babaji himself will have left his body.

So it happened as Babaji had told - as usual…. Trilok Singh, Munirajji, Shri Maha Munirajji became the embodied Guru to so many atmi (souls), who are in search of truth, inner peace and healing.

To every single person, who was visiting him in his house in Haldwani - before heading to the Ashram in Haidakhan or Chillianaula - he was giving his full love.

As Munirajji was paying as well much interest on the importance of the worldly life and responsibilities, he was nourishing his devotees always on the spiritual level as well as on the physically level - with a beautiful breakfast which was prepared by his deep devoted aide Moona ji.

To many and more people he gave his love, compassion, mercy and teachings !





Munirajji didn’t live a life like a saint, as you imagine it maybe in asceticism. He was always focussed on his duty in life - in the world. By operating his businesses like corn dealing, truck - company and sale of ayurvedic products, he was able to nourish his family. Married with only 19 years, Trilok Singh was multiple father and became grand father.

Gurujis daily life was affected by disciplined devotion, concentration and never ending strength. Getting up early - pooja to his temple in the house  - than taking little tea - welcoming the devotees who are reaching to enjoy his beautiful and enchanting presence, Havan ceremony followed by Aarti - operating his business, organizing travel journey for the devotees and and and - and all this by being deeply connected with Babaji. Munirajji was always pointing out that it is Babaji who speaks and acts through his body.

In 2012 Shri Muniraj Maharaj went to take Mahasamadhi - leaving this world and the body behind.

Nevertheless he is present everywhere, every time, knowing no limits and guiding his devotees perfectly. As we do with Babaji we also have to connect with Munirajji inside of us - knowing that there is no separation in form of the body - only unity of souls. As it is the task of the Guru, to guide his children to light, he is teaching us to see and perceive the light within us - and not being focussed on the perishable body.

Munirajji wanted us to be Happy Happy Happy - as this was his last message in body…

to be Happy and spreading out the message of truth simplicity and love - there, where we have been send to be. Many people on the spiritual path struggle to cope with the gap of spiritual and worldly life. Munirajji was showing us, that there is no gap - that our duty is there for spiritual progress - that also in this case, there is no separation. By surrendering and being completely devoted to Babaji, Munrajji took care of every soul, even when he appeared to be very weak on body level. Nevertheless he was and is spreading his love to his devotees, giving to everyone what is needed to go on and follow his message to BE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

Munirajji message:

This is the time, where you have to value yourself again demurely and in full consciousness through his  shining message of truth simplicity and love.
We all have to remind ourselves that humanity it the only true religion and that tolerance and forgiveness are the imperatives of our present time. Go ahead, remove every quarrel between you and gather in love and  affection.

Der Bhole Baba Ashram

Vor mehr als 40 Jahren ins Leben gerufen, basiert der Bhole Baba Ashram auf den Lehren einer indischen Inkarnation des berühmten Haidakhan Baba, Babaji, der im Norden Indiens in einer Höhle erschienen ist. Er ist eingegliedert in einen gemeinn. Verein, der Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

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