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Bhole Baba Ashram
Kalkstück 11
D-51570 Windeck-Rieferath

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IBAN: DE 89 38060186 3403612013

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IBAN:  DE67 38060186 3403612021

To become member of the German Haidakhan Samaj means to support Sri Babaji‘s and Sri Munirajji‘s work in Germany. They started up this place, this Ashram and the process went on ...

As a member you offer 10€ per month only,- as donation - to support and maintain the ashram and Babajis work.

„What you give to Babaji, you will receive it back in an high potency.“
The Haidakhan News (the magazine with latest news and informations about Babaji- in german language) will be send to your home 4 times a year.

It is as well possible to get  the Haidakhan News without being member - ask via email

Bhole Baba Ashram Germany

Bhole Baba Ashram was founded 35 years ago based on the teachings of the legendary Sri Haidakhan Baba, Babaji. The Ashram is located in the western part of Germany and approx. 44km away from Cologne (Köln).

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Deutsche Haidakhan Gesellschaft e.V.

Bhole Baba Ashram
Kalkstück 11
51570 Windeck-Rieferath

Tel.: +49 (0)2243 6603