Translation Sadashivacharitamrit

Sri Sadashivacharitamrit

The Translation of Sadashivacharitamrit

The holy book,Vishnu Dutt Shastriji wrote on behalf of Mahendra Baba, is a record of the"Games of Babaji" in the form of dialogues between gods and its manifestations in the eras of Rama and Krishna through to the "Old Haidakhan Baba" and BABABJIS last manifestation of 1970-1984. While Shastriji wrote this work, Mahendra Maharaj visited him almost every week in order to accompany the progress of his work.

Babaji himself once said that everyone should have this book at home, because it contains a deep knowledge and a valuable help on our spiritual path.

By the translation into German all will be given the opportunity to be able to read and to enjoy the "nectar of Sadashivas beings and change" in our language.

From a total of 1300 pages are already 420 translated into German at the moment, means nearly 30%. Likewise, one chapter has already been translated into English, which is available as well as the parts of the German translation as an e-book in the Internet.

At the beginning of this translation funding was initially very good, because of some larger donations, but now it has stalled. To go one with the translation by Prof. Dr. Kapp  as planned and to complete in 2 years, about 1300 € per month are needed. At the moment we only get € 300 per month by standing orders.

Just to give an example 20 further devotees are needed who make a commitment to donate € 50 per month for 2 years. For several thousand devotees all over the world it should be “not a big problem” like Munirajji was telling us always. Especially when the blessing is concerned, the fulfillment of Babaji's mission brings all of us.


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